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We created an identity for Marris+Miller that would push them towards the future. This brand needed to communicate the following:

  • Moving Forward + Growth
  • Taking Your Next Step
  • Energetic Entrepreneurship

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Marris + Miller is the thought leader of Canadian actuarial firms. Their practical and innovative approach has inspired organizations to re-evaluate their Risk Management Strategies and has changed how pension programs work for companies, employees, and society.

Visual Direction

The results of Marris + Miller’s brand identity discussions with Evoke provided a foundation, revealing to us how they saw themselves. From there, we could start forming an image that would reflect their values to the audience they sought to captivate. We started digging, looking for ideas we thought would express the essence of Marris + Miller while connecting to the corporate world their clients belong to.

Of the three moodboards we showed them, Marris + Miller chose the most active, bold, and forward-thinking option. The reds and blues, paired with the thick lines of the text, expressed the energetic yet loyal spirit they wanted their brand to embody.

The Logo

We developed a number of logo concepts to present to Marris + Miller. Their favourite revealed more of the personality they hoped their brand would project. They wanted to be seen as strong, motivated, engaging, and humane. The logo they chose encapsulates those traits completely.

We played a lot with the “+” symbol to communicate the value added to people’s lives through their work. Our goal was to illustrate forward, upward motion in a striking, professional manner. In all aspects of the brand, we needed to convey Marris + Miller’s ambition to help their clients succeed.

Brand Package

Our brand package was intended to show that Marris + Miller belonged in the corporate landscape they hoped to reach. To do that, we needed to showcase Marris + Miller’s attention to detail. From the folders they walked into meetings holding, to the pens and info packages they handed to new clients, we designed everything they needed to put their best foot forward.

Added Brand Benefits

Our support for Marris + Miller is ongoing. Christmas cards, academic papers, podcast and social media banners: no matter what they need, they can count onus to keep their message on brand.

“Simply brilliant work. The design flow was seamless, thoughtful and easy. We can always rely on Sarah and feel proud when we present our business, our publications and our brand.” - Catherine Miller

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