About Us

Hello, we’re Junction

You know your mission. You’ve honed your craft. Junction Design can build you a brand that will connect your big idea to the right audience.

We do Branding

A brand is the personality of your business. We help you create that personality and show your potential clients why they

We do Websites

Website development is an on-going relationship. Pick someone you like.

We do Video

Video is one of the best ways to easily and beautifully communicate your brand message.

Meet Your Dream Team

We are a couple of creatives that live in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We love partnering with extra ordinary people to make extra ordinary things. Junction Design works with entrepreneurs, established businesses and non-profits to help communicate their message and foster brand loyalty.

Personally speaking...
- We have a dog named Gus
- We live in Medicine Hat, Alberta
- We love time in the great outdoors! 

Let's Meet
Our History

We’ve Come a Long Way.

Here is a little history on how we got here.
January, 2009
The Power of Design.
Design connects people. Design helps clarify and communicate your message. January 2009 was my second year of University and I had my "AHA" moment. I knew I wanted my career to be focused on bringing people and ideas together.
April, 2013
Got the Piece of Paper.
Design is all about problem solving. How do you accomplish the goal as simply and beautifully as possible. My design education was full of questions that needed solving. Well in April of 2013 I had my degree and was ready to solve the worlds problems, one logo at a time. I started my own business with zero experience but tons of possibility.
January, 2014
Team Work Makes the Dream Work.
We are only as strong as our support system. I had the absolute pleasure of working for one of my mentors Melissa Chinki at Flag 5 here in Medicine Hat. She is known for her amazing customer interactions and the value of excellence with her work. I can't thank her enough for my experience at Flag 5. From 2014 to 2018 we sat side by side until I had to spread my own wings and fly.
March, 2019
Junction Design meets the World.
With years of experience in business and design, I felt ready to take my next steps. I want Junction to be known for our creativity, excellence and follow through. Junction is a problem solving company that will help you jump those hurdles and at the end of the day connect you with the people you are talking to.
Spring, 2021
Randal Joins Junction.
With the world turning upside down, Randal picked up an old passion. Videography is such a crucial part of telling your brands story and it just so happens that my husband is a pro! Armed with the latest tech and an eye for detail, Randal joined Junction Design. He has brought a new energy, excitement to try the impossible and a list of new services we offer.